Hello, I’m Steve Argue

I advocate for young people and focus my work through these primary channels:

Teaching and Mentoring Students

I love learning with emerging leaders who are investing in their theological and vocational journeys through Fuller Theological Seminary. I advise masters and doctoral students. I teach in class and online. Come visit. I’ll buy you coffee.

Discovering More about Young People

My research with the great team at the Fuller Youth Institute allows me to study adolescents and emerging adults, seeking to understand their stories and how their narratives impact the way they navigate the world they have inherited.

Training Leaders

My experience as a youth pastor and pastor evokes a kindred spirit with ministry leaders who are looking for reliable ideas and approaches that can support them and care for their communities. As a trained educator [PhD, Michigan State University], I value the work of faculty, student development staff, and chaplains dedicated to helping undergraduate and graduate students find their voice. I speak, write, and consult for universities, churches, denominations, and parachurch organizations.

Inspiring Parents

I’m married to my wife Jen and we have three incredible daughters– Kara, Elise, and Lauren. As parents, we know that parenting is not for the weak! It’s courageous, gut wrenching, beautiful, death-defying, and life-giving. I speak and write to parents, reminding them that every day is a new day for you to grow your relationship with your kids – no matter how encouraged or discouraged you feel today. We’re in this together!

Cultivating Imagination

I believe that teaching and preaching can be beautiful as much as it can be informative. I find running as a source for creativity. I’m regularly training for marathons, tweeting #RunningThoughts, and eating vegetarian.

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