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Steven Argue comes to Fuller to serve in a hybrid role: as assistant professor of youth, family, and culture in the School of Theology and with FYI as an applied research strategist.

What can you tell us about the pathway that led you to this role at Fuller?

I have always believed in the intersection of academic discipline and real-life ministry experience.

I think the best ministry and the most effective teaching/training happens where these two worlds meet. Over the years, I have developed as a ministry leader while maturing as an academic researcher. My research reflects my commitment to young people and my desire to better understand their spiritual journeys. One of the practical ways this intersection played out for me has been through introducing FYI to the church where I pastored—Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids. Over the past five years, I have been invited by FYI to train and coach churches, speak into research projects, and serve on the Advisory Council. My work with FYI also allowed me to meet some of the tremendous Fuller faculty. All these experiences and relationships only grew my deep respect and love for Fuller. This position is such a great fit, which the whole candidating process confirmed.

So you’ve been doing some pretty intriguing research lately; tell us a little about that.

My doctoral research focused on how undergraduate students who attend public universities perceive and work through spiritual struggle. That has helped me better understand their experiences of spiritual struggle and the resources students need as they work through them. More broadly, as we give voice to their journeys, I think this work can contribute to better understanding emerging adults and faith —often the most misunderstood people in our churches today—and supporting them in one of the most important periods in their lives.

From your research and experience, what are you hoping to bring to Fuller as a professor?

I’m really excited to contribute to the ongoing reputation of Fuller’s commitment to youth, family, and culture. I am inspired by the value and support Fuller places on interdisciplinary scholarship. I’m excited to learn from and work with some amazing colleagues who can deepen our understanding of young people and the ways they work out their spirituality. I believe the classroom can be sacred space. Students spill into these spaces with incredible stories, experiences, hopes, passions, and ideas. Meaning can be made here and dialogue can happen that has the potential to evoke game-changing ideas. I also believe that seminary students are forming themselves, and I hope to get to know them and be a support to them as they invest themselves at Fuller. Current and future Fuller students: I can’t wait to meet you.

What are you hoping to bring to FYI and the youth and emerging adult ministry world through your role as Applied Research Strategist?

I have been drawn to FYI’s commitment of “research into resources.” FYI has led the way in thoughtful, responsive ministry in the youth, family, and culture conversation. I’m excited about the research we can do to understand the formational trajectory from youth through emerging adulthood, along with communicating findings in helpful ways to ministry leaders. I particularly believe that we can reimagine new avenues for supporting and inspiring ministry leaders toward better, more responsive approaches for youth and emerging adult formation and advocacy. Let’s go!

This above was adapted from FYI’s announcement of Steve Argue’s joining their team. Read that full article here.

– See more at: http://fuller.edu/Academics/Faculty/2015-New-Faculty/Steven-Argue/#sthash.OgcVIpVF.dpuf

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