Talking church with your teenager and young adult

Our kids are becoming their own persons now. Making more of their own choices. Including church choices.

And honestly, we don’t want them to go to church to please us or anyone else. We want them to go because they want to go for themselves.

Through the hundreds of conversations my wife Jen and I have had with our friends and the research our FYI team has collected through our Growing With project, we’re learning a few things that have shaped the ways we talk about church with our growing teenage and young adult kids. 

Our teenagers question church not out of protest but because of ownership

Remember that, if your family has connected with a church community over time, these spiritual habits and relationships stick with your kids. Even in periods when your growing kids seem less interested in connecting with church, it’s still part of their story.[1]

Practicing faith has a tempo to it.

Nothing fancy or profound. Just consistent…

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