Innovating your way forward with compassion, creativity, and courage

Youth ministry friends, there’s no “going back to normal.”

We all know it, and we’re all still grieving unfulfilled plans. But at the same time, we’re curious about what’s ahead.

The search for the “new normal” starts now and it will require some bold, new moves by youth leaders like you.

If anyone can make them, you can. Why?

Because you are phenomenal youth leaders who have handled mid-week apocalypses for years and eat crisis for breakfast.

We believe you already have what it takes to innovate your way forward. You just need to believe it yourself.

Our belief in you is fueled by more than enthusiasm—it actually draws from our research. Having worked intensively the last four years with cohorts of more than 50 youth ministries and 100 youth leaders, we’ve seen what youth leaders can do when given the opportunity to innovate. This research has helped us develop Sticky Faith Innovation, a step-by-step innovation process that equips youth leaders to pivot their ministries toward where young people need them most.

What does it take to run this process?

Compassion, creativity, and courage…

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