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Every time we leave an online meeting, this question pops up: “How was your experience?”

At first the pop-up seemed like a simple question. Then it grew into a grating reminder of all the Zoom meetings we’re enduring. But now, this simple pop-up question has stirred in us something deeper.

How was my experience?
Are we connecting?
Is this approach even effective?
Do our students think it’s meaningful?
Are we being helpful?

Pop-ups or not, we see these questions haunting youth leaders more frequently these days.

When youth ministry goes offline

Most youth ministry had to go “online” for at least part of this year—if not the bulk of it. The approaches, spaces, and resources you used to use to connect with teenagers have been totally disrupted.

But going online has thrown youth ministry offline. Our instincts are off. Our go-to solutions have evaporated, and interactions are starting to feel one-dimensional. We’re having issues (thumbs down).

How was my experience? It’s actually a terrifying question, because it may force us to think about and do youth ministry differently. But maybe that’s the point…

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