Looking back to look forward

It’s 2021, and while a new year doesn’t magically erase 2020’s ripple effects, we think it feels pretty good to say “2021” instead of “2020” now. Traditionally, the world rings in the new year with festivities, fireworks, and fanfare as we reset with new resolutions and hopes. A calendar flip is so simple, but can feel so cathartic.

There is one challenge, however.

If we rush too quickly into 2021, we may evoke a forgetfulness that risks obstructing our view of the new year. And rather than charting a new way forward, we risk either repeating or reacting to the past.

2021 needs to be its own year—rather than “Not 2020.”

Youth leaders can prepare for this new year and help others do the same by intentionally gazing in two directions—looking back and looking forward. And while we encourage you to make this kind of reflection a regular discipline, we can’t think of a better time to start than right now…

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