Older and Younger Leaders: Forging a New Relational Vision

In my role as professor and coach, I have the opportunity to encourage emerging leaders who believe that they would eventually find a way to synthesize their faith with their newfound questions. But many share that they worry about expressing their doubts, offering their newfound beliefs, or challenging the status quo for fear that:

Their dad would be angry.

Their mom would be upset

Their mentor would be disappointed.

Their pastor would judge them.

And, their church would place them on their prayer list.

Notice what these emerging adults are communicating–- When they express their spiritual doubts, questions, or new ideas, they worry that there will be relational consequences.

The tension younger leaders feel isn’t just about them. It’s also about their commitment to serve their generation. Younger leaders often share with us that they find themselves in ministry contexts trying to hold together two competing realities which are edging further apart…

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