Tell me more: 8 conversations to start (and continue) with your college freshman

“Our conversations.”

That was my answer when someone asked me what I missed most about my daughter moving away to attend her freshman year at college.

It wasn’t because she was a “girl” (boys talk too).

It wasn’t because she hung around the house that much her senior year (she was probably out more than in!).

The significant difference was that our paths crossed more frequently when she lived at home. We both made time to check in every once in a while, but some of our best conversations happened serendipitously.

She’d get home late and want to process her outing.

I’d need a ride to work and we’d catch up in-transit.

We’d go for a run together.

And both of us lingered in the kitchen longer when weekend pancakes were made by a family member.

The beauty of orbiting the same home is that conversations with your kids can naturally happen as schedules—no matter how crazy they get—overlap…

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